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Ace The Programming Interview

Ace The Programming Interview
Ace The Programming Interview
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Ace the Programming Interview - 160 Questions and Answers for Success

- Edward Guiness

Be prepared to answer the most relevant interview questions and land the job

Programmers are in demand, but to land the job, you must demonstrate knowledge of those things expected by today's employers. This guide sets you up for success. Not only does it provide 160 of the most commonly asked interview questions and model answers, but it also offers insight into the context and motivation of hiring managers in today's marketplace. Written by a veteran hiring manager, this book is a comprehensive guide for experienced and first-time programmers alike. 

  • Provides insight into what drives the recruitment process and how hiring managers think
  • Covers both practical knowledge and recommendations for handling the interview process
  • Features 160 actual interview questions, including some related to code samples that are available for download on a companion website
  • Includes information on landing an interview, preparing a cheat-sheet for a phone interview, how to demonstrate your programming wisdom, and more

Ace the Programming Interview, like the earlier Wiley bestseller Programming Interviews Exposed, helps you approach the job interview with the confidence that comes from being prepared. 

It's your dream job. You're qualified.

Here's how to seal the deal

There's more to acing a job interview than correct answers. This down-to-earth guide, written by a programmer who has been on both sides of the desk, covers it all. Learn what your resumé should include, what to expect from the interviewer, how to answer tough questions, why spelling matters, what to wear, and even ways to gain confidence. From preparing a phone interview cheat sheet to code-writing best practices, language quirks, and testing, this complete reference empowers you to ace that interview and land the job.

  • Understand how the hiring manager sees the interview process
  • Learn what to research before the interview
  • Be prepared for social and behavioral questions
  • Get tips on communicating effectively and establishing rapport
  • Master the most common problems interviewers present
  • Conquer quirks and idioms of JavaScript, C#, Java, Perl, Ruby, and T-SQL
  • Study the open-ended questions that test a programmer's experience

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