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Large Amana Orange Tomato seeds, Ca Chua Cam

Large Amana Orange Tomato seeds, Ca Chua Cam
Large Amana Orange Tomato seeds, Ca Chua Cam
Large Amana Orange Tomato seeds, Ca Chua Cam
Large Amana Orange Tomato seeds, Ca Chua Cam
Large Amana Orange Tomato seeds, Ca Chua Cam
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Grow your own delicious and juicy Amana Orange tomatoes with these large seeds from Amana seeds. Perfect for any garden, these seeds will produce vibrant and flavourful tomatoes.

Amana tomato is a beefsteak tomato variety that originated in the Amana Colonies in Iowa, USA. Here are its characteristics:


Amana tomato is a large, round tomato with a pinkish-red skin and meaty flesh.

Growing Conditions:

Amana tomato is a warm-season crop that prefers a sunny location and well-draining soil. It requires a temperature range of 70-85°F (21-29°C) for optimum growth. The seeds take about 7-10 days to germinate and the plants need to be staked or caged to support their heavy fruit.


Amana tomatoes are typically harvested when they are fully ripe and have a pinkish-red color. The fruit should come off the vine easily when gently pulled.


Amana tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, and lycopene, an antioxidant that is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Common use:

Amana tomatoes are often used fresh in salads, sandwiches, and sauces. Their meaty texture and juicy flavor make them a great choice for grilling and roasting as well.

Health benefits:

As mentioned earlier, Amana tomatoes are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that offer various health benefits, including improved heart health, reduced risk of certain cancers, and stronger immune system.

Common questions:

1. How long should tomato seedlings be hardened off before transplanting outside?

Tomato seedlings should be hardened off for 1-2 weeks in full sun before transplanting them outside, after the last frost. This gradual exposure to outdoor conditions helps the seedlings adapt to sunlight, wind, and temperature changes.

2. When should tomato seedlings be transplanted to larger pots?

Tomato seedlings should be potted up to 3-4 inch pots when the first true leaves develop, rather than the cotyledon leaves.

3. What are the recommended soil temperatures for tomato seed germination?

Tomato seeds require high soil temperatures for good germination rates. It is important to provide a warm environment for successful seed germination.

4. When should tomato seeds be planted outside?

Tomato seeds should not be planted outside until 2 weeks after the last frost.

5. When should tomato seeds be started indoors?

Tomato seeds should be started indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date.

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