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White Bitter Melon

White Bitter Melon
White Bitter Melon
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White Bitter Melon
White Bitter Melon
White Bitter Melon
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Days to Maturity: 70+ days.

Temp Preference: 60- 88℉.

Light Preference: Full sun.

Germination Days: 5- 7 days.

How to sow: Cut a little head of seed and sow a seed into an individual small pot ( 2 inches) with a soilless multi-purpose compost mix, which can then be topped up with extra compost as needed to provide more stability and encourage root growth as the seedling grows. Use food wrap to cover the pot and water well with a fine spray once a day.

Transplanting: Seedlings should be planted out when they have developed four true leaves. To prepare them for the big move, be sure to harden them off for one to two weeks before transplanting them on soil containers or water containers, providing gradual exposure to gentle winds, sunlight, and temperatures outdoors.

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