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Athena Garden is an online marketplace offering quality merchandise from the world's top suppliers and brands to consumers at wholesale prices. Our current main focus is farm and garden markets. We empower sellers to do what they love and buyers to find what they really care about.

Athena Garden is based in Virginia, US, and is a member of MICROTRAN group. We work closely with our global network of suppliers and logistics partners to create and curate quality products for consumers to self-serve and prevent any disruptions in life.

Mutual touch

Our technology enables a close connection between sellers and buyers and help them achieve what they love seamlessly.

Sell immediately

We create a secure platform to help sellers start and scale their businesses. Start selling with zero fee. Realtime chat with their customers. Imagine the possibilities and peace of mind.

Buy guarantee

From our sites, buyers are integrated with AI technology and market trend analytics to help them explore everything from their hands. Talk to sellers in realtime. Approve delivered products and buy with confidence.

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