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Fruit & Plant seeds

Fruit, the fleshy or dry ripened ovary of a flowering plant, enclosing the seed or seeds. For example, apricots, bananas, and grapes, as well as bean pods, corn grains, tomatoes, cucumbers, acorns and almonds are all technically fruits. Discover a wide variety of fruit seeds, trees, plants & vines at Athena Garden. Grow your own juicy, edible fruits including berries, melons and many more.

Brand: Athena Garden Model: P517
Beita Alpha Cucumber seeds: Start your own cucumber patch with these top-quality seeds. Enjoy the de..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P504
Get ready to grow your very own Black Beauty Eggplants with our high-quality seeds. These deep purpl..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P530
Get ready to grow delicious and nutritious carrots in your own garden with our high-quality carrot s..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P538
Cherry Belle Radish seeds offer a delightful addition to any garden, producing crisp, round, and vib..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P527
Experience the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine with our high-quality Chinese Eggplant seeds. Grow..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P534
Cowhorn Chili Pepper seeds. Ớt Sừng Trâu, a premium variety of chili pepper seeds originating from V..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P521
Delicious and nutritious Green Athena Melon seeds. Cantaloupe. These premium seeds offer a unique bl..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P552
Discover the perfect addition to your home garden with our Green Bitter Melon seeds. Cultivate vibra..
Green Grass Jelly Vein, Yanang seeds, Sương Sâm Green Grass Jelly Vein, Yanang seeds, Sương Sâm
Out Of Stock
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P554
Green Grass Jelly Vein - Yanang seeds are a natural ingredient renowned for their rich, herbal flavo..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P508
Green Okra Bean - Lady Finger Okra seeds produce tender, long, and slender pods that are perfect for..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P584
Grow your own refreshing hibiscus drink with our Asian Sour Leaf - Roselle seeds. Enjoy the tart fla..
Brand: Athena Garden Model: P558
Indulge in the rich and natural taste of High Harvest Pumpkin Bud. This delightful product combines ..
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