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28 Sep 8 gardening principles for
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Content:1. Choose Low-Maintenance Plants2. Mulch3. Watering Efficiency4. Group Plants by Watering Needs5. Minimal Pruning6. Low-Fertilizer Approach7. Weed Control8. Container GardeningGardening doesn't have to be a labor-intensive hobby. If you're looking for a low-maintenance approach to gardening, here are eight principles for lazy gardeners:1. C..
12 Jan 9 vegetables can grow in Spring
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Content:1. Peas2. Potatoes3. Onions4. Beans5. Cilantro6. Root Vegetables7. Lettuce8. Spinach9. KaleEver wonder what vegetables you can grow in Spring. Athena Garden will share some of them that can grow easily during Spring season. #vegetable seeds1. PeasPeas love cool weather and young pea plants can even tolerate frost. Plant peas four to six wee..
08 May When to build a garden?
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Content:1. How To Know When To Build a Garden2. Plants That Thrive in Cold Weather3. Planting Fruits vs Vegetables4. How To Plant a GardenPlanting a vegetable garden is an enjoyable experience. With careful planning and preparation, you can have a good harvest. #plant seeds Each year, home gardeners wonder when to start a garden. The first signs of..
08 May 30 Principles for Planting
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When you're just starting out with gardening, it can seem like there's so much to know and you've got a thousand questions. How should you plant your vegetable seeds, and what kind of soil is best? When should you prune your flowers and divide your perennials? Is everything getting enough sunlight and water? #garden seedsThe good news is that natur..
10 Apr How to prevent blossom end rot tomatoes?
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Content:1. What happens to my tomatoes2. What causes blossom-end rot3. Preventing blossom-end rotWhat’s happening to my tomatoes?Home gardeners become distressed when they notice that a dry, sunken decay has developed on the blossom end of the tomatoes in their garden. This can happen especially on the first tomatoes of the season that have been ca..
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